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RPH Year 3 Reading - Once Upon A Time

Daily Lesson Plan
Subject                       : English
Date                            : 7 May 2009
Time                           : 9.30a.m- 10.30p.m
Class                          : 3 Anugerah
No. of Pupils               : 40
Age                             : 9 years old
Level                          : Low to Average
Teaching Context      : World of Knowledge
Topic                          : Once Upon a time

Curriculum Specifications (CS):
3.4      Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm.
           3.4.1   Read aloud words and phrases pronouncing them correctly.
3.4.2   Read aloud correctly notices, announcements, messages, letters, stories and fables.
4.7       Give accurate information when writing messages, instructions, simple reports and when filing out forms.
             4.7.2   Write simple descriptions with guidance
Focus Skill                : Reading
Integrated Skill         : Writing
Language Input       : Grammar : Preposition (behind, in front of, in, by, over, between, under, on)
Integrated Subject    : Music
Previous Knowledge: 1. Pupils have learnt preposition of direction in a previous lesson.

Critical Thinking Skills : Identifying and Visualizing, Making Conclusions
Moral Values          : Self value, co-operative
Teaching Aids        : Video clip,  powerpoint presentation, worksheet.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to:
      i.        Identify at least three prepositions from a recorded text.
    ii.        Read aloud words pronouncing them correctly.
   iii.        Read and understand simple text by answering comprehension questions in relation to main ideas and details.
   iv.        Write simple sentences using suitable prepositions.

Stage / Time
Topic / Content
Teacher’s & Pupil’s Activities

Set induction
(5 minutes)
Watch a video entitled “Preposition”.

1.   Teacher draws the pupils’ attention by showing video.
2.   Teacher instructs the pupils to identify the prepositions.
3.   Teacher calls a few pupils randomly to write the preposition on the board.
4.   Pupils read aloud the preposition.
To attract the pupils attention.
To motivate pupils to learn the lesson.
TA: video clip
CCTS: Identifying and Visualizing
(15 minutes)
Identify the examples of preposition
      i.        Behind
    ii.        In front of
   iii.        In
   iv.        By
    v.        Over
   vi.        Between
  vii.        Under
viii.        On
1.    Teacher shows a powerpoint presentation (Attachment 1) on preposition.
2.    Teacher asks the pupils to identify the different locations of the rabbit on powerpoint presentation.
3.    Teacher distributes the worksheet 1 containing the text to the pupils.
4.    Pupils scan the reading text to identify the difficult words.
5.    Teacher discusses the meaning of the difficult words.
To introduce the examples of preposition
TA: powerpoint presentation, worksheet 1
MI: visual spatial
CCTS: Identifying and Visualizing
While reading (20 minutes)
Read a text entitled ‘The tortoise and the eagle’.
1.    Teacher asks pupils to form groups of three.
2.    Each group selects a representative to act as narrator, tortoise and eagle.
3.    Teacher asks pupils to identify and underline the prepositions in the text.
4.    Pupils answer the questions on the worksheet 1.
5.    Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils.
To develop pupils’ reading skills.
TA: Worksheet (Attachment 2)
MI: verbal linguistic
Moral Values : Believe in God, self value, co-operative

Post reading
(15 minutes)
Write simple sentences by using suitable preposition words
1.    Teacher guides the pupils to construct simple sentences by using suitable prepositions.
2.     Pupils write the sentences on the worksheet 2.
3.    Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils.

To develop pupils’ writing skills.
TA: Worksheet (Attachment 3)

(5 minutes)
Recap Prepositions by watching video
1.    Teacher recaps the lesson by playing the video.
2.    Pupils recall the types of prepositions learned in the lesson.
3.    Teacher praises the pupils.
To reinforce the pupils’ understanding on the topic.
TA: video clip
CCTS: Making Conclusions


Worksheet 1


Once upon a time, there lived a tortoise called Tommy. He lived near a pond in the forest. One day, Tommy saw an eagle flying in the sky. He was not happy and thought, “How I wish I could fly. It’s much better than crawling.”

Just then, the eagle landed on a rock, in front of a huge tree. Tommy decided to ask the eagle to teach him to fly. He said, “excuse me, Mr Eagle. Could you teach me to fly?”

The eagle was shocked. He laughed and said, “You have no wings. How can you fly?”

Again, the tortoise begged the eagle. The eagle said, Okay, I’ll teach you.”

So, the eagle picked the tortoise with his claws. Then, off they flew. The eagle said, “Get ready! I’ll let go of you now. Flap your legs and fly.”

Tommy flapped his legs hard. But he fell quickly to the ground. He landed in the pond with a splash! Poor Tommy. He could not fly.

From that day on, Tommy decided it was better to crawl than to fly.


Worksheet 1

NAME:……………………….             DAY: …………………………

CLASS: ………………… …             DATE: ……………………….

Answer the question

1.         Where did Tommy live?

A.   In a pond                   B. On a rock              C. Near a pond

2.         Tommy was not happy because……

A.   He was tired of crawling

B.   He wanted to learn to fly

C.   He was tired of being alone in the forest

3.         Who landed on a rock?

A.   A Tortoise                 B. A crow                   C. An eagle

4.         Why was Tommy not able to fly?


5.         What happened when Tommy flapped his legs?


6.         What is the moral of the story?


Make sentence using the following preposition

1  Behind

2  In front of

3  In

4  By

5  Over

6  Between

7  Under

8  On

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