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RPH Year 2 Reading : Colourful Malaysia

Daily Lesson Plan

Subject                        : English

Date                            : 25th October 2011

Time                            : 7.45 a.m.-.8.15 a.m.

Class                           : Year 2

Number of Pupils        : 31

Age                              : 9 years old

Level                           : Average

Teaching Context       : World of Self, Family and Friends.

Topic                           : Colourful Malaysia

Curriculum Specification (CS):

3.2.1 Recognise complete words

4.5.1  Spell seen words.

Focus Skill                     : Reading

Integrated Skill               : Speaking and Writing

Integrated Subject         : Music and Art

Language Input              : Noun

Previous Knowledge      : 1. Pupils have learnt the names of occupation.

                                         2. Pupils have heard or seen pictures of occupations.

Critical Thinking Skills    : Relating, Visualizing, Attributing and Determining

Multiple intelligences      : Verbal-linguistic, Interpersonal

Moral Values                  : Love each another and being polite

Teaching Aids               : Envelope, picture cards, word puzzle, plastic rope, clips,

                                        colouring book, colour pencils.

Learning Outcomes       : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to

i)              Read aloud the names of occupation expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly.

ii)             Spell correctly the seen words.

Stage / Time
Topic / Content
Teaching And Learning Activities

Teacher’s & Pupil’s Activities
Set Induction
(± 2 minutes)
View an envelope, and talk about the places related.

  1. Teacher shows an envelope.
  2. Teacher asks questions based on the envelope.
  3. Teacher gets pupils to talk about the places that related to envelopes.

To create interest and curiosity towards the lesson and to draw pupils’ attention.
Aids: An envelope
CCTS : Relating
(± 5 minutes)
Expressing opinion from pupils according to the situation given.
  1. Teacher divides pupils into four groups.
  2. Teacher asks each group to visualise post-office.
  3. Teacher asks the names of occupation that work in post-office.
  4. Pupils discuss and express their opinion according to the situation given.
  5. Pupils take turn to share their opinions.

To help the pupils to visualize a post-office.
Aids : An envelope
CCTS : Visualizing
Moral Values : Being polite

While Reading
(10 minutes)
Reading word and identify new vocabulary.
  1. Teacher shows a picture card and names a pupil to guess the occupation seen.
  2. Teacher shows the word and read the word loudly.
  3. Pupils listen to the pronunciation.
  4. Teacher reads the word loudly again and students follow to read with the guidance of the teacher.
  5. The teacher teaches the student how to spell correctly.
  6. Teacher hangs the card on plastic rope with a clip.
  1. Teacher shows another picture cards one by one to the pupils.
  1. Pupils follow the teacher’s instruction and take turn to spell the seen words.
  2. Teacher hangs all the pictures cards on the rope.
  3. Teacher tests the students orally/dictation.

To enhance their reading skills.
To integrate vocabularies
Aids : Picture cards, plastic rope and clips
CCTS : Attributing and determining
Moral Value : Love each another.

(± 10 minutes)
Complete words puzzle.
  1. Teacher ask pupils to identify the occupations by looking at his/her uniform or working position.
  2. Pupils circle the names of occupation in the word puzzle.
  3. Teacher can guide the pupils with question.
  4. Teacher revises the day’s lesson.

To get pupils to be proactive and to put their interest into reading
Aids : word puzzle
(± 3 minutes)
Recap by colouring cartoon pictures entitled ‘My Occupation’

  1. Teacher gets pupils to go through all the cartoon pictures in the colouring book entitled “My Occupation”.
  2. Teacher distributes the colouring sheets to students.
  3. Students colour it in pairs.
  4. Teacher summarizes the meanings of occupation.
To end the lesson with some excitement.
Aids : Colouring book, colour encils

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