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RPH Year 3 Listening - The Lion And The Rat


Subject                       :           English                                  Class  :           3 Anggerik
Date                           :           22 May 2009                         Time   :           8.45–9.45am
No. of Students          :           35
Level                          :           Average
Theme                       :           World of Stories
Topic                         :           Animals – The Lion and a Little Rat
Focus skills               :           Listening
Integrated skills         :           Speaking, Writing
Language Input         :          Grammar (Nouns), Vocabulary
Integrated subject      :           Visual Art
Previous knowledge   :          Pupils have learnt nouns in the previous lesson.

Curriculum specifications:
1.3       Acquire vocabulary and understand the meaning of words and phrases.
            1.3.1 Listen and understand keywords in stories heard.
 2.5      Talk about the people, places, and moral values of the stories heard, read and viewed in simple language.     
2.5.3   Name the good and bad characters and talk a little about them.
4.3       Complete texts with the missing word, phrase or sentences.
4.3.3 Complete missing words in simple texts such as instructions, descriptions, directions, rhymes, stories and other texts (with a little or no guidance)

Learning outcomes :           By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
1.    Name the animals shown in the video correctly.
2.    Retell the story heard correctly.
3.    Share their feelings about the story heard.
4.    Fill in the blanks with the missing words.
Critical thinking skills          :           Identifying, predicting
Moral values                       :           Kindness

Teaching and learning Activities
Set Induction
(±5 minutes)
Watching video entitled “Animals in the World”.
  1. Teacher displays a video entitled “Animals in the World”.
  2. Pupils watch the video silently.
  3. Teacher selects a few pupils to name the animals shown in the video.
  4. Pupils name the animals shown in video.
To create interest and  attracts pupils attention
Multiple Intelligent:
Verbal linguistic
(±15 minutes)

  1. Teacher shows pupils a set of pictures of lion and rat.

  1. Teacher asks pupils to describe the pictures with simple words.

  1. Teacher explains to pupils the meaning of the words.

  1. Teacher asks pupils to copy the words and their meaning into their exercise books.

To widen pupil’s vocabulary;
snooze, tremble

Teaching aid:
Powerpoint slide
(±20 minutes)
Watching a video entitled “The Lion and a Little Rat”.
  1. Teacher plays a video and instructs the pupils to watch the video silently.
  2. Pupils watch the video.
  3. Teacher distributes worksheet 1 to the pupils.
  4. Teacher asks pupils to answer the questions on worksheet 1.
  5. Teacher discusses the answers with pupils.
  6. Teacher distributes worksheet 2 to the pupils.
  7. Teacher selects a few pupils to retell and share their feelings about the story heard by answering the worksheet 1
  8. Teacher replays the video and asks pupils to answer the questions on worksheet 2.
  9. Teacher select pupils to tell class the answers of worksheet 2 questions.
  10. Pupils share their answer.

The develop listening skill among pupils and enhance their understanding
Teaching aid:
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
(±15 minutes)
Drawing and coloring pictures of animals.
  1. Teacher asks pupils to choose an animal they know to draw.
  2. Pupils draw and color the picture of animal in exercise book and name the animals.
  3. Pupils write simple sentences about the animal.
To get pupils to be creative and to put their interest in animal world.
Moral value: Creative
(±5 minutes)
Sing a song entitled ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight ‘

  1. Teacher displays the lyric of the song.
  2. Teacher reads and pronounces the lyrics followed by the pupils.
  3. The teacher and the pupils sing the song together.
  4. Teacher conclude the lesson by asks pupils the vocabulary that they have learnt in the lesson.
To end the lesson with some excitement

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