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RPH Year 3 Reading- Beautiful Malaysia

Subject                     : English

Date                            : 21 April  2009

Day                             : Monday

Time                            : 30 minutes (8.40 -9.10am)

Class                           : 3 Arif

Number Of pupils       : 38

Level                           : Low to Average

Theme                         : World of Knowledge (World of self ,family and friend)

Topic                           : Beautiful Malaysia

Focused skills              : Reading

Integrated skills         : Speaking

Curriculum Specification :

          i.    3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs,and whole text.

   3.3.2 Level 2 -Read and undestand simple sentences

      ii.   3.4 Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm.

3.4.1    Level 1 -Read aloud words and phrases pronouncing them correctly.

   iii.  Complete text with the missing words, phrase or sentence

4.3.2  Level 2 –Complete missing words in simple texts such as instructions, directions, descriptions, rhymes, stories, and other text (with guidance in the form of words and pictures).        

Vocabulary                           : culture, nationalisme 

Language input                     : Grammer-verb      

Integrated subject              : Civic consciousness

Previous knowledge               : Common culture in Malaysia.

Educational Emphasis                     
CCTS                                     : Problem solving
Multiple intelligences             : Verbal-linguistic, Interpersonal
Moral Values                          : Love for our country
Teaching Aids                        : Powerpoint, worksheets

Learning outcome     :

By the end of the lesson , pupils should be able to:

                  i.Identify the three races in Malaysia and their celebrations.

                ii.Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately with correct intonation and words stress.

               iii.Understand text by answering at least 3 comprehension questions correctly.

               iv.Complete the missing words in the letter correctly.

Stage/ Time
Teacher’s activities
Set Induction
(+5 minutes)
Discussion activities-

Teacher shows a video of Lion Dance .

1. Teacher shows a video of Lion Dance.

2. Teacher guides pupils to talk about the video, by answering the questions orally.
a)    What can you see in the video  ?
b)   When and where can you see this dance ?
c)    Why do the Chinese perform Lion Dance ?
2. Teacher gets pupils to talk about other festivals celebrated by Malaysian.

-To set the  mood and mentally prepare pupils for the lesson
Teaching Aids:
( 10 minutes)

Teacher shows videos about other festive cheers “Common Celebrations In Malaysia”

1. Teacher shows videos about other festive cheers “Common Celebrations In Malaysia”.
    a) Hari Raya Aidilfitri
    b) Hari Raya Aidiladha
    c) Chinese New Year
    d) Lantern Festival
   e) Deepavali
   f) Thaipusam
   g) Merry Christmas

2. Teacher gets pupils to talk about every video shown.

3. Teacher asks the pupils on how they greet each other during those festivals.

-To clear view to students the lesson for today.

Teaching Aids:

Multiple Intelligences
Moral Value
-Love for our country.

( 10 minutes )

Teacher gives text and Worksheet 1 to pupils

Teacher explains about the exercise.

Exercise  work-
Teacher asks pupils to match the celebrations according to the certain race.
1. Teacher shows the text “Celebrations In Malaysia” and reads aloud.

2.  Pupils follow and read with the guidance of teacher.

3. Teacher asks pupils to spell and pronounce some certain nouns as shown in the text.
-     celebration                 
-     reunion
-     characteristic
-     unique

4. Teacher distributes Worksheet 1 to the pupils.

5. In pair, pupils complete the exercises.

6. Teacher checks for the correct answers with pupils.

- To check pupils understanding from their reading skill
Teaching Aids:
-Appendix 1

Multiple Intelligences

Moral Value

( 6 minutes)

Creating greeting cards.

1. Teacher gives color paper sheets and some picture diagrams of festival celebrations to pupils.

2. In pair, pupils create a greeting card.

3. Teacher provides some greetings for the information of pupils. Such as:
    a) Chinese New Year
       - Happy Prosperity
    b) Hari Raya Aidilfitri
       - Maaf Zahir Batin
c) Deepavali
   - Happy Deepavali
c) Christmas Day
   - Merry X’mas and Happy New Year

-To gain attraction and more understanding  about the lesson.

Teaching Aids:
 - Picture diagram
- Colorful paper.

Multiple Intelligences

(3  minutes)
Sing A Song :
“Selamat Hari Raya”

1.Teacher shows a video that combine all the festivals celebrated by Malaysian.

2.Teacher summarizes today lesson.

-To gain interest from student.
-To ensure the students understand the lesson.

Multiple Intelligences

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